"Good Design is for Everyone"                     "Good Design Should be Affordable to Everyone"

  Russel Wright                                                   Kari Brooke Elwell-Katzander


At Mingo Design LLC we believe that good design as well as its installation and on going maintenance should be affordable to everyone.


From the "Greening" of a hospital in the Bronx, a 10 SQ FT terrace in Manhattan to a backyard of a brownstone in Jersey City your design is important to us.  We make our designs affordable and fabulous through the careful implementation and resourcefulness of reclaimed, local materials, cutting edge installation practices, green clean technology and good common sense.


Are you looking for the right low maintenance plants for your shady backyard,

the most maintenance free fountain for your terrace or an interior vertical garden

for your loft?...well,......look no further!


Contact us to discuss your landscape design needs and desires.

Hot Newly Installed Vertical Garden for Summer Rayne Oak's Appartment

How to Green Your Home (Part 1): Build an Indoor Vertical Garden from SUMMER RAYNE OAKES on Vimeo.


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